GIS Services

GIS Forms

In order to request a specific service please fill out and submit one of the following PDF forms, and fax it to (360) 651-3107:

Make sure you have installed Adobe Reader. If Adobe Reader is not present on your computer, download Adobe Reader to view forms.

The Tulalip GIS Center offers all the services required to create a variety of maps with a host of features in various sizes and formats. These services may be requested individually or collectively. They include:

Data Collection: Our team uses sub-meter Trimble GPS (global positioning system) tools to accurately capture the location of features required to construct the desired maps.

Document Scanning: We provide conversion of paper documents into electronic images with a large color scanner. We can scan color images up to 36 inches wide. The electronic file may be one of many image file types such as tiff, jpeg, png and others are available.

Digitizing: We offer digitizing of blueprints, historical maps, CAD drawings, and other documents so that the desired information can be precisely placed on a map and subsequently retrieved.

Map Creation: We utilize state-of-the-art mapping technology from ESRI. Our custom-made maps can be utilized by end-users as effective decision-making tools to devise solutions for specific problems.

Plotting: A picture is worth a thousand words. Using a high-resolution wide-format plotter, we can provide you with hard copies of maps in a variety of sizes for presentations or on-site use.

To request a custom-made map, please fill out and submit the online Map Request Form.

Database Design and Implementation: We analyze your data and determine the optimal way in which it should be structured and used. Next, we design and implement a database for GIS use. We can create an entirely new database; or enhance, improve, or modify an existing one.

Software and Hardware Training: We provide software training services for ArcGIS Desktop GIS, ArcExplorer, Google SketchUp 3D software, Trimble TerraSync data collection software, and Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office Software. We provide hardware training services for Trimble GeoXH GPS units and for large document scanners.

Data Analysis Services: We provide a data analysis service that checks your data for accuracy, completeness, and correctness. We can correct, complete, and improve the data so that its use will provide more accurate results. This helps Tribal departments to make more efficient use of their time by reducing error correction and redo time.