Mission Statement

The Tulalip GIS Center's mission is to improve decision-making processes on the Reservation through the efficient distribution of information among Tribal departments. The Center, thereby, will facilitate increased operational efficiency, and more effective resource conservation and cultural preservation. These goals will be realized through the creation of a central repository for validated GIS data that all departments can access easily, quickly, and securely.

Operational Strategy

The Tulalip Data Services (TDS) team recognizes that the efficient use of information is a key factor in effective decision making. We at TDS have utilized a team approach, state-of-the-art technology, and input from end-users to build a GIS Center that will play a dual role:

  1. Act as a laboratory where data acquired from various agencies and Tribal departments is evaluated for accuracy; and
  2. Serve as a central repository that would provide Tribal departments with fast, convenient, and secure access to GIS data.
  3. We are providing GIS user support including software, hardware, and training.

A centralized repository will avoid costly duplications, and is the most efficient solution to the Tribes' GIS needs.